duminică, 1 ianuarie 2012

2012 Resolution/ Revolution


1.    Press start 2012 button
2.    Load happily ever after operating system
3.    View advertisement: happily ever after operating system is not genuine, we recommend you buy a genuine happiness
4.    Log on “my life” account
5.    Connect to luck’s network by dice-up connection
6.    Create “my life in 2012”folder
7.    Open “world explorer” browser
8.    Search for “special moments”
9.    Copy “have the first second date in the past few years” and paste it to “my life in 2012” folder
10.               Copy / paste “work less earn more”
11.               Copy paste “learn to say <no> more often”
12.               Copy paste “train Piranda to poo in the toilet”
13.               Copy paste “see my friends more often, at least those who buy me good presents”
14.                Copy paste “visit another Spanish city “
15.               Copy paste “find a way to make days have 30 hours”
16.               Copy paste “have more quality time with family members”
17.               Copy paste “publish a novel…at least publish the intention of publishing a novel”
18.               Copy paste “find your inner peace= a good massage man”
19.                Select sleep-ing beauty option
20.               Restart your happily ever after operating system in a better world

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