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Visit Romania…or die trying!

You might think that the title is due to Dracula’s legend. But I have to warn you, the reason is beyond fantasy.  Do you dream of a beach hula-nom nom nom holiday? Well, then I guess you are under Romania’s tourism level. ‘Cause visiting Romania, my friend, is only for the brave.

And now I’m gonna tell you why.

Remember what your mother used to read before you going to sleep, when you were a child? About that evil monster who was always screwing Prince Charming’s efforts? Well, in Romania, we call these monsters politicians. They have different appearances and most of them have parrot skills mixed with monkey gestures. Thanks to them, you might have some troubles driving to that wonderful Transfagarasan you heard about or coherently talking to countryside locals. You see, politicians tend to suck education and infrastructure into their selfish gorilla-size tummies. Like when you were little and ate cookies from the jar when grandma wasn’t looking.

But you should fight these monsters anyway, because what is hidden in the high tower of the castle is worth seeing, feeling and taking photos of it. It’s not a thing actually; it’s more like energy. The energy you can feel in few places of this world, described as pure and untainted by superficial values. It’s because Romania still preserves that innocent belief that nature, not people, is the measure of everything. At least in those rural areas you find near the Carpathian Mountains, where Romanians  still live like in the old days. And yes, if you reached those villages and conquered the world from a high pick, you can feel proud . You found the true meaning of life.

If you think that these villains I told you about don’t make you the superhero you hoped to become by visiting Romania, let’s try some concrete obstacles. Do you believe that saying “Once you go black, you never go back”? Well, black is one color we tend to avoid here, ‘ cause you might end up with your personal belongings “gone with the gypsy”. Don’t get me wrong, but it’s no longer offensive to declare that many gypsies are pickpockets when Police statistics prove they are.

Don’t be a superhero by visiting Romania and fighting them (because you would be amazed by their Japanese techniques when it comes to swords)! Be a hero, visit Romania and don’t generalize this aspect. Romania has the friendliest people and also a magic liquor that makes the unfriendly be like best buds. It’s called Palinca. The traditional dances are full of passion and all the grandpas have great war stories. Nobody left Romania without taking home some Romanian recipes of Sarmale and what I’m most proud of is our true sense of surviving. You see, when life gives you lemons, we make fun of it. Or make something creative of it, like a lemon ladder which can help you reach the stars. No Romanian lacks making fun of life or overcoming its situation.

You thought that the challenge was coming to Romania and die trying while learning some difficult dance steps or climbing a very high mountain? Is that what you call brave? Well, you are right. That is mainly what your difficulties will be here, but in order to experience them, you have to pass over these prejudices that you can’t find beauty in a poor country that doesn’t offer you the comfort you find at home. You can find here a lot of heart filling surprises both in nature and people, but you just have to find the bravery to risk finding some spines before you reach the rose!

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